Day In The Life Of A Thick Ebony Courtesan

My First Entry

Decided to start a blog. Now that my website is almost complete. I figured for a first entry I would just share a little about myself. My chosen profession has been weighing on my mind a lot lately. I just keep wondering if I should have done things differently. I did not take the plunge into becoming a provider lightly. I put one toe in at a time. I am just that type of person. I can be overly analytical to the point of never actually accomplishing anything. I am too busy analyzing everything.

I remember my first client. He was an author in New Orleans. I had a copy of his book. He brought it with him as  a gift. I lost the book in Hurricane Katrina. I was terrified and trembling waiting for him to come. When he did and  we went to my little nest and closed the door. You would have thought I had been doing this all my life. From It was at that point Amaya Lovely was truly born.

From the time I started in this business I never hid it. I had a don't ask don't tell policy. They didn't ask, I didn't tell. My family knew. I didn't want them to find out any other way. Besides I do not think what I do is wrong. I think it is my body, my choice. It is not up to anyone else to regulate my body. I am not shamed and never have been. I am doing something that does not make totally miserable. I have met some of the best men and women doing this. People I would  have never met otherwise. So how can it be bad?


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