Day In The Life Of A Thick Ebony Courtesan

Help With Topics..Please

So I am writing content for a website that is based around the adult industry mainly escorts, brothels and massage parlors. I recently had the opportunity to interview one of Australia’s top brothels The Golden Apple. It was really awesome. I think Sydney maybe the place for me. They have top notch courtesans and and clientele is fantastic.

Now back to my subject I have wrote on a number of subjects such as GFE vs. PSE, Incall vs Outcall, How to Behave In A Brothel, etc.. you get the idea. I also included little sexual ones like How to Control Premature Ejaculation, How To Increase Male Stamina, How To Cheat and Not Get Caught etc etc.

I am starting to run out of ideas here. The topics are targeted towards men seeing escorts or using adult dating site. Any thoughts people? My boss just opened a new website for Vegas. I need fresh ideas. I really love doing this.

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People Are So Mean Spirited

I think I have already expressed how much I enjoy my work. I do it because I choose to. I get to meet nice people and have awesome conversation for a bit. I am in a city alone where I know no one really. So it's nice to have company. And I was doing well for a while. Then comes the client who for whatever reason has this pissy attitude and leaves a bad review. He states he saw me months ago which that part is true. He already has a spot in a previous blog I wrote. First off who gives out someone's  location. And 2nd everyone else before and after you gave totally opposite accounts of our encounters. Yes, it would be because someone walked out before anything happened. But he goes on to embelish the encounter that he himself stated took place months ago. I am sorry if I had that shitty of an encounter I am not waiting months later to post it. Lastly he makes claim her pictures are in an apartment but she is in a hotel. It's just as easy to say sorry I don't do hotels like every normal person and seek out someone else more to your liking. You knew it was a hotel before you got there. However none of that here nor there.

So the review was removed. So he takes the time and energy to write another one. Then he adds in I was trying to upsell him..REALLY DUDE!!! I believe if that was my MO I would have had bad reviews a long time ago. He did raise my score number to 3 and 6. I wonder when they remove this time when he replaces it what it what other additions he will come with maybe I…

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Birthday Went Off With A Bang!

Every year that passes I get depressed. I made a deal this year I wasn't going to be that person this year. And I did it. I had a great birthday. I stopped thinking of all the bad things that happened to me. And I will focus on what I got going on now. My writing is taking off. Everyday I get more and more work. I am thinking of focusing mainly on adult content. I can write that stuff way easier.  I do a lot of main stream stuff like fashion and pop culture and then the less main stream stuff like small business marketing, denistry, automotives and more. 

My birthday started Thursday I was graced with flowers and a lovely lunch. It was very nice. Friday the day of I was frantic. I was on deadlines all day. I was up all night Thursday writing trying to get everything turned in. I had a friend coming by for a few hours. I was on the verge of canceling because I was so tired. But I said it's my birthday enjoy yourself. He came over. He was fun, witty, sexy and extremely passionate. Hopefully we will meet again. He bought me the cutest birthday card. It will go into my box of memories with other stuff I will collect. I lost my orginal memory box in New Orleans. I recently replaced it.

My life is changing in leaps and bounds. It's still nowhere near where I want it. But I will get there. I am still growing. I am done yet. 

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For Every Bad Apple There Are 10 Good Ones!

I am going to admit this post is going to make me sound as though I hate my profession. I do not. I love it. However some the types my industry harbor tends to irk the crap out of me. So if you were wondering where I have been. I was reflecting because I was starting to wonder if I still loved what I did. Not mention I started to question myself and my choices. Not a good combination.

I had an appointment Halloween. Guy irritated me to know end. He thought everything was funny. I take what I do seriously. It’s not a game to me. To gentlemen I guess it is fun and games. I just wasn’t into it. So I rescheduled. I do not see anyone if I am not operating at 100% and my focus is not solely on what I am doing. So I saw the dude later in the week. He shows up. Comes in sit down never even looks at me. Before I could say a word he stands up and says you’re not as cute as I thought you would be. Then he reached in his pocket throws some cash in my face and left. I sat stunned for a minute. I have never ever had that happen. I texted him as soon as I picked my jaw up off the floor. I told him to come take this money back. I don’t want it. I did nothing. And I told him insults were unnecessary. And he says he wasn’t trying to hurt my feeling. Yes the hell he was. It took me a few days too get back to my normal self.…

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