Sometimes A Good Lay Is All You Need

So last week I spent an unexpected amount of time feeling sorry for myself. I wasn't eating or sleeping. I was in full on freak out mode over that stupid review. Me..freaking out over something that took place over six months ago.  Finally I started to wear down. I got hungry. So I called a fave and asked him to bring me food. I said I wanted mexican authentic street truck tacos. He was at my place in less than a hour. We shared yummy tacos and drank Coke. 

When dinner was done it was on. I loved every minute of it. I hit my O so hard I thought I was going to die.  I think this had to have gone on for a good 30-45 minutes before it ended. Usually I am bouncey bouncey afterwards this time I couldn't move just looked up at the ceiling wondering what the heck just took place. There are simply certain things he can do that makes me swoon. I have known this man for about the length of time I have been here. And I am thankful for him because some of my darker fantasies I can't share. But he knows them. I have some fantasies that will blow your mind. 

And it's also because we have known each other so long that he says. Get your ass back in gear and go to work. You got a bad review big whoop. Don't let one idiot diminish every other review. Besides if you seen him 6 months ago he probably don't even remember and is making it as he goes. If someone had a really bad time they wouldn't wait six months to write about. Now get your ass up and stop wallowing and get to  work. 

He is certainly a favorite of mine. There are just certain clients that despite all the bad ones, these certain ones make the whole thing worth it.