My Bad….My Bad Review Was Not Who I Thought Unfortunately

As I sit here typing this my blood is boiling. I kept going to look to see if that bad review was taken down, or at least my locale. And it was and the one thing I never wanted to think about again all came flooding back . I didn’t remember partly because some of the details were not correct partly because I simply put it out of my head. I remembered because once again when he changed it he added more only this time I remember exactly. Some of you may remember I had an ad for me and bi friend (a guy). He responded to that. 

He e mailed several times before we spoke on the phone. I said I have to schedule around my friends schedule. And it was my fault. I said or you could schedule with me and we can get to know each other. It was up to you. In on way did I entice him I left the option open because I was neither here nor there on it. He set up an appointment. I told him where I was and asked if coming where I was would be a problem as some guys do have problems with hotels or not. He said no, not a problem. However it is a problem in the review he likes to point. 

He was a boundary pusher I never tried to upsell anyone. He offered more money. And I politely decline. I do not fly to Greece or ride the pony with without the saddle. He was a little pushy scared me a minute or two. But he settled down. And when he left I was more than thankful. There have only been a handful of times in the business where my nerves got the better of me and this was one. 

Had I known his handle I wouldn’t have seen him to begin with. And he comments about someone’s hygiene. I am sorry but I am not staying any longer than I have to with someone who smells like chunky chicken tuna. But he even went over the alloted time. I didn’t ask him to leave partly because I was scared and partly because I was telling myself I was being stupid and paranoid. 

So now I get the joys of remember that experience everyday. When he left I thought I will never have to think of this again. And I put it right out of my head.  I have had rare moments of fear. The ad he speaks of in that review came down immediately after that appt. because it would be a reminder.

And now I feel bad because I tried to blame on someone else when all he did was say I was ugly and walked out. And everyone before him and after him never ever complained about me. He saw me in August. It is now almost February. And he has seen and reviewed other girls since me. Right now I am just angry that I have to know its there.

This is what I do and I am not as pretty as some so I do what I everything in my power to be accommodating and try twice if not three times to better than anyone else. But there are simply somethings I won’t do. And he has reviewed many girls gave them great reviews. But we don’t all offer the same services. And if my ad don’t say it I don’t do it.