Finally...Who Missed Me?

Yea, It's been a while since my last post. It's been sheer craziness. I have been MIA for almost a year. I am still here, but hey I found something that interests me just as much as the adult entertainment industry. So I have spent time focusing on that. And now I am missing being apart of the industry. It is a job that I love. But it's more than a job for me. It's something I am passionate about. I had never been comfortable in my own skin before doing this. Now, I am just me. You can take me or leave me. I may not be drop dead gorgeous on the outside, but my soul is a beautiful thing. And when I am working I everything I am, and all the passion I have into it.

Lately, I have been putting everything into my writing. I know some of you know I have been taking various freelance writing jobs. I have gotten very good at it. And I love writing. I have found something else I am good at it. Unfortunately, it takes up so much time I hardly have time for anything else. I barely have time to update my own blogs. But I am hoping to cut back this summer and do a little traveling. I want to visit old friends, and maybe make some new ones. :)